MEI Board

The MEI Board manages the property and business of MEI. It promotes the development of MEI, oversees the activities of the MEI Technical Team, guides the development of the MEI conceptual model, Guidelines and schemata, and acts as a contact point for MEI-related activities. The Board consists of nine elected members and one member designated by each Host Institution. The Board will hold regular, virtual or in-person meetings. As schedules and funding permit, the Board will meet in person at least once per year.

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Current Board Members

Term 2024-2026

Term 2023–2025

Term 2022–2024

Term 2021–2023

Previous Board Members

Protocols of Board Meetings


The elected members of the Board are each elected for a three year term. Terms on the Board are staggered so that three positions are open for election each year. Terms of office begin January 1 at 2 pm UTC. The initial Board has been elected in December 2014.

Exception to annual elections and term lengths will be made in case a Board member resigns.

Board members may resign from their commitments at any time but are expected to give adequate notice. After accepting the resignation, the Board may decide on how to proceed concerning the newly vacant position. Options should include but are not limited to holding a special election, appointing a replacement, or leaving the position vacant.

In case of a special election to fill a vacancy between regular elections the newly elected Board member will serve for the remainder of the term of the vacant position.


In order to be available for election to the Board, candidates must hold Personal Membership in MEI. Individuals who have previously served on the Board will be eligible for re-appointment.

Election procedure

In order to determine a range of candidates, a four-week nomination phase will precede the elections, in which self-nominations are permitted. Individuals will be informed of their nomination and asked to confirm their willingness to serve on the Board determined. Elections will be held in a timely manner after determination of a final list of candidates. A ranked voting system without minimum voter turnout will be applied.

Each member holding Personal Membership in MEI has the right to vote in Board member elections.

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