2021-01-14 Virtual MEI Board Meeting

Present: Johannes Kepper, Ichiro Fujinaga, Benjamin W. Bohl, Stefan Münnich, Laurent Pugin, Perry Roland, Kristina Richts, Martha E. Thomae

Absent: Elsa De Luca

Minutes: Martha E. Thomae

Administrative Chair & Technical Co-Chairs

Elsa De Luca was re-appointed as Administrative chair. The same was the case for the technical co-chairs: Johannes Kepper and Benjamin Bohl.

There is a pull request in the music-encoding website repository for implementing an automatic link checker to verify which links are broken in the website instead of having someone keeping an eye on it regularly.

Update on MEC 2021

Workshops for People Interested in the Development of MEI and Poster Updating the Community about Recent Developer Work

Current Financial Situation

We will have a continuous income into the MEI pocket for the following three years.

Conference (2022) and Developer Workshop (2021)

ODD Meetings

The ODD meetings will still be held at the usual schedule:

Next Board Meeting

April 15th, same time (5 pm GMT).