If you'd like to see your project added here, please contact us. If you'd like to see your project added here, please contact us.
A software application for the optical recognition, the superimposition and the collation of early music prints
Beethovens Werkstatt
A long-term project that seeks to implement genetic textual criticism by the means of digital music editions
Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae
A long-term project for the critical edition of Near Eastern music manuscripts, including parallel edition of song texts, and the online catalogue of Ottoman music sources.
Carl Nielsen's Works
A Catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW), prepared and published by the Danish Center for Music Editing, utilizing the MerMEId editor
Corpus monodicum
A long term edition project of sacred and secular monophonic repertories of the European Middle Ages with Latin texts
Catalogue of the Works of Frederick Delius
The Delius Catalogue of Works (DCW) is the first thematic catalogue of the composer’s works, and the first to be digital.
Detmold Court Theatre
A project that seeks to implement an MEI-based model covering a vast range of materials from the Detmold Court Theatre
A project that explored the potentials of MEI-based digital scholarly editions of music, which has been adopted by many editorial projects
Enhancing Music Notation Addressability
EMA provides a simple API that allows to reference music snippets for micro-publications etc. The Omas webservice implements this API for MEI
Gesualdo Online Project
Gesualdo Online, built on Omeka, is a collaborative digital edition which invites outside contributions
Haydn by Hand
This was one of the first projects that tried to enrich a facsimile-based digital edition with encodings of its contents
The Lost Voices Project
The Lost Voices Project: A Digital Domain for Renaissance Music
Measuring Polyphony
‘Measuring Polyphony’ presents, for the first time, digitisations of polyphonic compositions written during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in mensural notation, linked directly, in most cases, to high-resolution images of the original manuscript sources.
MEI View
A proof of concept that illustrates interactive ways to give access to a critical apparatus in a digital edition
meico: MEI Converter
meico allows to render MEI files into audio, using high-quality MIDI libraries, and considering tempo indications, repetitions and other features
OMR for Plainchant
Optical Music Recognition for Plainchant
Sarti Edition
This edition implements a concept of musical works that faithfully resembles the flexibility of the late 18th century italian opera
The 'Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis' project seeks to design an infrastructure for digitizing large corpora or music
Sounding Tennyson
This website includes Emily Tennyson’s music settings of “Break, Break, Break,” which preserve aspects of Alfred Tennyson’s recitation
Debussy's Syrinx
Case Study Report: Debussy's Syrinx (La Flûte de Pan)