Catalogue of the Works of Frederick Delius

The Delius Catalogue of Works (DCW) is the first thematic catalogue of the composer’s works, and the first to be digital.

  • Joanna Bullivant, Oxford
  • Daniel Grimley, Oxford
  • David Lewis, Oxford
Catalogue of the Works of Frederick Delius

The catalogue was created as part of the wider project ‘Delius, Modernism, and the Sound of Place’. This project pursued a new and comprehensive evaluation of Delius, testing the veracity of constructions of the composer as a nationalist and rhapsodic musical portraitist, investigating his compositional methods, and situating him within both different geographical contexts and the complex cultural phenomenon of modernism. Consequently, it was the aim of the catalogue to produce a resource that facilitated this investigation, that provided thorough and up-to-date information on the state of sources for a given work, its process of composition, editing, and revision, its performance history and its relationship to other works.