Sarti Edition

This edition implements a concept of musical works that faithfully resembles the flexibility of the late 18th century italian opera

  • Bella Brover-Lubovsky, Jerusalem
  • Christine Siegert/Dörte Schmidt, Berlin

This project is a cooperation of the Universität der Künste Berlin (Prof. Dr. Christine Siegert and Prof. Dr. Dörte Schmidt) with the Hebrew University Jerusalem (Dr. Bella Brover-Lubovsky). One part of the project is the monograph, tentatively entitled Giuseppe Sarti and Neo-classicism, which aims at addressing the aesthetical basis of Sarti’s activity as a dramatic and church composer, teacher and impresario in the late 18th century Europe.  The philological part of the project will be the edition of three major works of Sarti, an internationally renowned musician during his lifetime who is only scarcely remembered nowadays. These works are the musical spectacle The Early Reign of Oleg and the two operas Giulio Sabino and Fra i due litiganti il terzo gode. The editorial focus concerning the two operas will be to show the multiple shapes these works have taken during the first decades after the first performances. The target is to show a representative selection of versions encoded in MEI using the tools of the Edirom Project (Detmold) for a free-of-charge online publication. The project is financed by the Einstein Stiftung Berlin.