Digital-interaktive Mozart-Edition (DIME)

A long-term project to create a digital edition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's compositions.

  • Ulrich Leisinger, Project Director DME
  • Norbert Dubowy, Managing Editor
  • Felix Gründer, IT Development
  • Franz Kelnreiter, IT Development
  • Mirijam Beier, Editor
  • Iacopo Cividini, Editor
  • Till Reininghaus, Editor
  • Oleksii Sapov, Editor
Digital-interaktive Mozart-Edition (DIME)

Digitale-interaktive Mozart-Edition (DIME) is a fully digital edition. The musical texts are encoded in the open, XML-based format of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI), which facilitates the documentation of editorial decisions and enables the continuous update of the edition. A visualization program transfers the machine-readable XML code to regular music notation. All variants and editorial interventions can be made visible directly in the music. The data format used in DIME allows for a dynamic display of the music adapted to the needs of the user, including the production of individual parts. Not only can the layout-independent coding be displayed on the screen, it is also available for external reuse in other programs (CC BY SA NC 4.0 license). The edition can be viewed using the Web Interface MoVi – The Digital Mozart Score Viewer, which is built around the Verovio music engraving library developed by the Swiss RISM office. It offers a variety of features and advanced functionalities for navigation and customized display of the music (for details see the User Manual in MoVi).