2019-06-01 Face-to-Face Board Meeting at the MEC 2019 in Vienna

Present: Elsa De Luca, Norbert Dubowy, Ichiro Fujinaga, Andrew Hankinson, Johannes Kepper, Laurent Pugin, Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Benjamin W. Bohl Absent: Kristina Richts

This year’s face-to-face meeting of the MEI Board took place during the Music Encoding Conference at the University of Vienna. The below topics were discussed.

Distribution of Tasks within the MEI Board

In the handover process of the role of the Administrative Chair of the MEI Board from Johannes Kepper to Andrew Hankinson both realised a benefit in distributing some tasks between them. With full support of the MEI Board Johannes Kepper will act as treasurer of the MEI Board and continue to see to the financial administration of MEI as he is familiar with both the processes and the contacts at the Mainz Academy. All financial transactions will be agreed upon by both, Andrew Hankinson and Johannes Kepper. Benjamin W. Bohl will continue his work as secretary of the MEI Board.

Porposal to accept Co-convenors for MEI Interest Groups

There has been the question from within the MEI Community whether MEI Interest Groups (IGs) can be convened by more than one person. The MEI Board does not see this to contradict the MEI By-laws, which are to be understood in the sense that there has to be (at least) one person acting as administrative chair of an IG. This is to have someone in charge for coordinating the IG’s activities and act as contact for the MEI Community and the MEI Board and in charge for the IG’s annual report.

In particular this concerns the Mensural IG. With the full consent of the MEI Board David Lewis will become administrative co-chair of the Mensural IG, in order to reflect the IG’s diversity both in international participation and of the subject matter itself.

Additional Events in 2019

Last year first thoughts on hosting an MEI Technical Team Working Meeting in the United States of America in fall 2019 were made. There have been some discussions with potential hosts and potential funders. Discussions will be picked up by Johannes in order to be in the position to officially announce it.

Moreover a pre-conference workshop at this year’s conference of the American Musicological Society at Boston might be a good idea. Johannes will pursue theses plans.

Current and Future Prospects for Funding MEI

Currently MEI has three Institutional Members that supply MEI with annual financial support: ZenMEM, tido, and ÖAW. More institutions shall be encouraged to support MEI by the members of the Board. Laurent Pugin will see to that MEI fulfills the obligations to theses members as defined in the MEI By-Laws.

Paderborn will add inkind funding by the means of Johannes Kepper’s new job description, allowing him to dedicate 50% of his working time during the next 1.5 years to the needs of the MEI Community. The work done in this context shall be in close exchange with the MEI Board and initially focus on picking up loose strains, e.g. in evolvement of the MEI Guidelines or rendering the MEI website mobile-device-friendly.

In this context a proposal was made to the Board to add to the registration options for future Music Encoding Conferences the option to support e.g. studentships.

Other Business

Call for Hosting MEC 2021

The call for hosting MEC 2021 is to be sent out in due course. Concerning the past alteration of venues between Europe and the North Americas institutions from Europe should be especially encouraged.

Program Chair for MEC 2020 in Boston

A Program Chair for next year’s Music Encoding Conference should be determined at the next Board Meeting. All Board members should make up their minds concerning possible candidates.

Next Board Meeting

Andrew Hankinson will set a date for the next Board meeting. The meeting will be held using a new platform.