2015-05-21 Face to Face Meeting at the MEC2015 in Florence

Thursday 2017-05-21, 20:00 pm to 22:30 pm

Present: Johannes Kepper (JK), Laurent Pugin (LP), Giuliano Di Bacco (GDB), Eleanor Selfridge-Field (ESF), Axel Teich Geertinger (ATG), Perry Roland (PR) Absent: Benjamin W. Bohl, Ichiro Fujinaga, Kristina Richts

Minutes: Perry Roland

  1. JK will continue the discussion of the financial arrangements with the Akademie, with the goal of achieving a more formal relationship by July 15.
  2. PR, GDB and JK will revise/finalize the conference hosting documentation/guidelines by the end of June. This document is based on the TEI conference hosting guidelines, but it may be useful to peruse the ISMIR guidelines as well. LP will provide link(s) to the ISMIR material ASAP. The goal is to issue a call for the 2017 conference soon.
  3. JK will also continue discussions with the Akademie on the possibility of getting a trademark on the MEI name/logo. He will report on progress before July 15.
  4. Nominations for the position of Program Chair for the 2016 conference were discussed. JK will contact Franz Kelnreiter and Richard Freedman to determine their interest in serving.
  5. The Board approved the request to form a metadata and cataloging interest group.
  6. ATG will revise the institutional membership form and submit it for review by the Board.
  7. It was agreed that the new website will go live by the end of May.
  8. GDB and ATG (as conveners) will provide descriptions of the Mensural and Metadata interest groups for inclusion on the website.
  9. The possibility of the MEI organization providing conference management software (ConfTool) was discussed. The hosted version costs 432 Euros + 2.10 Euros per participant. This cost could be paid by MEI or rolled into the conference registration fee. This issue, however, cannot be resolved until after the financial relationship between MEI and the Akademie (item 1) is clarified.
  10. A general workflow for the gathering of submissions and the production of proceedings for future conferences was discussed. Getting complete, fully-formatted papers prior to the conference (as ISMIR requires) is not likely for a humanities conference like MEC. Therefore, one possibility is to set a separate deadline following the conference by which complete papers must be submitted. In addition, it was suggested that papers be submitted using the XML tagset used by Balisage (a subset of DocBook). Given a valid DocBook file, the process of creating the proceedings can be mechanized (for the most part), allowing more effort to be spent on editing of the content. This topic, however, was tabled for additional consideration.