2018-01-15 Virtual MEI Board Meeting

Present: Johannes Kepper, Perry Roland, Kristina Richts, Laurent Pugin, Norbert Dubowy, Ichiro Fujinaga (left early), Benjamin W. Bohl Absent: Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Andrew Hankinson

The constitutional meeting of the MEI Board after the 2017 MEI Board Elections took place on 15 January 2018 at 7 pm UTC via Elluminate. In order to establish the Board’s capacity to act the roles of the Administrative Chair and the two Technical Co-chairs had to be filled. Johannes Kepper volunteered as Administrative Chair and was reappointed with six approvals and one abstention out of seven votes. Andrew Hankinson and Perry Roland were appointed Technical Co-Chairs with broad consent.


After processing the above formalities a warm round of welcome went to all (re-)elected members of the MEI Board, and especially to Norbert Dubowy as new member of the MEI Board. Norbert volunteered to help with the Documentation of MEI. It was broad consesnus that he should closely work together with Kristina Richts (responsible for the website) and both will interface with the technical issues through the Technical Co-Chairs and Laurent Pugin. Benjamin W. Bohl will remain responsible for taking minutes in the Board Meetings.

MEI Metadata Workshop at Mainz

The MEI Metadata Workshop at the Mainz Academy was a great success and proved very fruitful for both the attendees and MEI. Follow-up events are very desirable.

Website transgression to github.io

Good progress has been made an the new version should be online, soon.


Laurent Pugin and Johannes Kepper run a workshop on guidelines and schema contribution.

Next meeting

If no eager need be before the Music Encoding Conference in May 2018 the next MEI Board Meeting will be held in person during the conference.