2018-10-12 Virtual MEI Board Meeting

Friday 2018-10-12, 8pm to 9pm CEST Participants

Present: Andrew Hankinson, Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Johannes Kepper, Laurent Pugin, Norbert Dubowy, Benjamin W. Bohl Absent: Ichiro Fujinaga, Kristina Richts, Perry Roland

Minutes: Benjamin W. Bohl

Announcement Music Encoding Conference 2020

Announcement of the Music Encoding Conference 2020 has not gone public so far. This could be due to the two alternative dates in the application. Johannes Kepper will double check past correspondence on the dates and get in touch with the local organizer to settle the question who is going to announce it on MEI-L.

MEI Board Elections 2018

The terms of three Board members (Ichiro Fujinaga, Perry Roland, Benjamin W. Bohl) end 31 December 2018. The following dates for the 2018 elections have been agreed upon before:

* Nomination Phase: Oct 15 – Nov 15
* Election Phase: Nov 16 – Nov 30
* Announcements: December 1
* First Meeting: January 15, 7pm UTC

A team of two persons has to be appointed election administrators. Peter Stadler (Detmold/Paderborn) volunteered, together with Andrew Hankinson, replacing Benjamin W. Bohl who might stand for re-election. The documentation prepared during past elections by Peter Stadler and Benjamin W. Bohl will be made available to Andrew Hankinson.


Submission for 2018 proceedings have been very scarce, nevertheless a great bundle of 2015, 2016 and 2017 (approximately 150 pages) has been sent out for author corrections, due 5 November.

Still strategies have to be developed in order to improve publication speed of the proceedings and make more people contribute to them. A clear conception of what the proceedings actually should be might help. As publications in fully fledged peer-reviewed journals add better to academic reputation a vision of the development of the proceedings should be conceptualized. A working group has been formed to deal with theses issues and questions concerning e.g. redundant publication vs. unpublished material, poster vs. paper publications, rethinking the submission scheme (short paper abstracts vs. long paper full text), physical presence of all authors at the conference as prerequisite for publication. Moreover the workload of Perry Roland and Johannes Kepper concerning the proceedings has to be reduced, this might include finding a new editor in chief. This working group consists of Norbert Dubowy, Laurent Pugin, Giuliano Di Bacco, Eleanor Selfridge-Field, and Johannes Kepper.

Developer workshop in Oxford, 30 October to 2 November

Andrew Hankinson reports that the developer workshop sponsored by the FAST project has 19 registered participants, six of which registered as virtual participants. As only one registrant checked the financial support option, most of his costs can be covered. The proposed topics include:

Music Encoding Conference 2019

The call for papers for MEC2019 is due as soon as possible. Although the program committee (PC) is not completely settled, Kevin Page as PC-chair should be approached to proceed with the call.

Any other business

MEI Release

The MEI 4.0 release is about to be finished during the developer workshop at Oxford. MEI Basic might be released, too. This brought up the question of the Board’s responsibility in making a release as the MEI By-laws state “coordinating, preparing and publishing MEI releases” as a task of the Board. As a couple of Board members are directly involved in preparing the release, no further involvement of the Board seems necessary.