2020-03-25 Virtual MEI Board Meeting

Present: Elsa De Luca, Johannes Kepper, Martha E. Thomae, Perry Roland, Ichiro Fujinaga, Benjamin W. Bohl, Norbert Dubowy, Laurent Pugin

Absent: Kristina Richts

Minutes: Martha E. Thomae

Cancellation of MEC 2020

MEC 2021

Development Meeting

Metadata meeting

So, Metadata Meeting can be Monday 09 – Wednesday 11 in Mainz, and then we move all together in train to Leipzig to have the Development Meeting on Thursday 12 – Saturday 14.

Editor-in-chief for the Guidelines

MEI Guidelines

The last two topics can be discussed in further detail in the ODD Friday

This is for the images used in the guidelines (when they come from manuscripts):

Next MEI Board Meeting