Attributes common to many elements.
Module MEI.shared
abbr, accessRestrict, accid, actor, add, addName, address, addrLine, altId, anchoredText, annot, app, appInfo, application, arpeg, arranger, artic, audience, author, availability, avFile, back, barLine, barre, beam, beamSpan, beatRpt, bend, bibl, biblList, biblScope, bloc, body, breath, bTrem, byline, caption, captureMode, carrierForm, castGrp, castItem, castList, cc, chan, change, changeDesc, chanPr, choice, chord, chordDef, chordMember, chordTable, classCode, classification, clef, clefGrp, clip, componentGrp, composer, condition, contentItem, contents, context, corpName, corr, correction, country, cpMark, creation, cue, curve, custos, damage, date, del, depth, desc, dimensions, dir, distributor, district, div, dot, dynam, edition, editionStmt, editor, editorialDecl, encodingDesc, ending, event, eventList, exhibHist, expan, expansion, expression, expressionList, extent, extMeta, f, facsimile, famName, fb, fermata, fig, figDesc, fileChar, fileDesc, fing, fingerprint, fingGrp, foreName, front, fTrem, funder, gap, genName, genre, geogFeat, geogName, gliss, graphic, group, grpSym, hairpin, halfmRpt, hand, handList, handShift, harm, harpPedal, head, height, hex, history, identifier, imprint, incip, incipCode, incipText, ineume, inscription, instrDef, instrGrp, interpretation, item, itemList, key, keyAccid, keySig, l, label, language, langUsage, lb, lem, lg, li, librettist, ligature, line, list, lyricist, lyrics, mapping, marker, mdiv, measure, meiCorpus, meiHead, mensur, mensuration, metaText, meter, meterSig, meterSigGrp, midi, mordent, mRest, mRpt, mRpt2, mSpace, multiRest, multiRpt, music, name, normalization, nameLink, note, noteOff, noteOn, notesStmt, num, octave, orig, ornam, ossia, otherChar, p, pad, part, parts, pb, pedal, perfDuration, perfMedium, performance, perfRes, perfResList, periodName, persName, pgDesc, pgFoot, pgFoot2, pgHead, pgHead2, phrase, physDesc, physLoc, physMedium, plateNum, playingSpeed, port, postBox, postCode, price, prog, projectDesc, propName, proport, propValue, provenance, ptr, publisher, pubPlace, pubStmt, quote, rdg, recipient, recording, ref, reg, region, reh, relatedItem, relation, relationList, rend, repository, resp, respStmt, rest, restore, revisionDesc, role, roleDesc, roleName, samplingDecl, sb, score, scoreDef, scoreFormat, section, segmentation, seqNum, series, seriesStmt, settlement, sic, slur, soundChan, source, sourceDesc, space, specRepro, sponsor, stack, staffGrp, stdVals, street, styleName, subst, supplied, surface, syl, syllable, symbol, symbolDef, symName, symProp, symbolTable, sysReq, table, td, tempo, term, termList, textLang, th, tie, title, titlePage, titleStmt, tr, trackConfig, treatHist, treatSched, trill, trkName, tuplet, tupletSpan, turn, unclear, uneume, unpub, useRestrict, vel, verse, watermark, when, width, work, workDesc, zone (direct members of att.common)
@label(optional)Provides a name or label for an element. The value may be any string. Value of datatype string. att.commonPart
@n(optional)Provides a number-like designation for an element. Value conforms to token. att.common
@xml:base(optional)Provides a base URI reference with which applications can resolve relative URI references into absolute URI references. Value conforms to data.URI. att.commonPart
@xml:id(optional)Regularizes the naming of an element and thus facilitates building links between it and other resources. Each id attribute within a document must have a unique value. Value of datatype ID.
<memberOf key="att.commonPart"/>
<attDef ident="n" usage="opt">
<desc>Provides a number-like designation for an element.</desc>
<datatype maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="1">
<rng:ref name="token" />