Key captures information about tonal center and mode.
Module MEI.header
@accid(optional)Captures a written accidental. Value conforms to data.ACCIDENTAL.EXPLICIT. att.accidental
@analog(optional)Contains a reference to a field or element in another descriptive encoding system to which this MEI element is comparable. Value of datatype string. att.bibl
@label(optional)Provides a name or label for an element. The value may be any string. Value of datatype string. att.commonPart
@mode(optional)Indicates major, minor, or other tonality. Value conforms to data.MODE. att.keySig.log
@n(optional)Provides a number-like designation for an element. Value conforms to token. att.common
@pname(optional)Contains a written pitch name. Value conforms to data.PITCHNAME. att.pitch
@sig(optional)Indicates where the key lies in the circle of fifths. Value conforms to data.KEYSIGNATURE. att.keySig.log
@sig.mixed(optional)Mixed key signatures, e.g. those consisting of a mixture of flats and sharps (Read, p. 143, ex. 9-39), and key signatures with unorthodox placement of the accidentals (Read, p. 141) must be indicated by setting the key.sig attribute to 'mixed' and providing explicit key signature information in the key.sig.mixed attribute or in the <keySig> element. It is intended that key.sig.mixed contain a series of tokens with each token containing pitch name, accidental, and octave, such as 'a4 c5s e5f' that indicate what key accidentals should be rendered and where they should be placed. One or more values from data.KEYSIGTOKEN, separated by spaces. att.keySig.log
@xml:base(optional)Provides a base URI reference with which applications can resolve relative URI references into absolute URI references. Value conforms to data.URI. att.commonPart
@xml:id(optional)Regularizes the naming of an element and thus facilitates building links between it and other resources. Each id attribute within a document must have a unique value. Value of datatype ID. att.id
Member of
Contained by
May contain
<memberOf key="att.common"/>
<memberOf key="att.bibl"/>
<memberOf key="att.keySig.log"/>
<memberOf key="model.workIdent"/>

This element is used exclusively within bibliographic descriptions. Do not confuse this element with keySig, which is used within the body of an MEI file to record this data.