(chord definition) – Chord tablature definition.
Module MEI.harmony
@label(optional)Provides a name or label for an element. The value may be any string. Value of datatype string. att.commonPart
@n(optional)Provides a number-like designation for an element. Value conforms to token. att.common
@pos(optional)Records the fret position at which the chord tablature is to be played. Value of datatype positiveInteger. chordDef
@xml:base(optional)Provides a base URI reference with which applications can resolve relative URI references into absolute URI references. Value conforms to data.URI. att.commonPart
@xml:id(optional)Regularizes the naming of an element and thus facilitates building links between it and other resources. Each id attribute within a document must have a unique value. Value of datatype ID. att.id
Member of
Contained by
May contain
MEI.harmonybarre chordMember
<memberOf key="att.common"/>
<rng:ref name="chordMember" />
<rng:ref name="barre" />

An xml:id attribute, while not required by the schema, is needed so that harm elements can reference a particular chord definition. The pos (position) attribute is provided in order to create displayable chord tablature grids. chordMember sub-elements record the individual pitches of the chord. barre sub-elements may be used when a single finger is used to stop multiple strings.