MEC 2019

Green Meeting

We are organizing this event in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings in order to contribute to resource conservation, climate protection, regional added value and awareness raising.

This is how you can help us in this endeavour:

  • If this is possible, use environmentally compatible, public means of transportation to travel to the event location, or share a car.
  • You can offset your CO2 emissions by means of compensation paymentsI, if you have to go by car, or if you travel by plane.
  • If possible, choose an eco-labelled hotel (Austrian Eco-label, European Ecolabel, EMAS or others).
  • Make use of the environmentally benign offers of your hotel (change of towels and bedlinen only when needed or the like).
  • Turn off all lights and electronic equipment (TV, air condition system, heating, computer, etc.) when you leave the hotel room for some time.
  • Reusability = environmental protection: Give preference to drinks served by the glass, meals served in ceramic dishes, milk and sugar without individual packaging etc.
  • Dispose of your waste (PET, glass, paper, metal, batteries, etc.) via the separate collection systems provided at the hotel and at the event venue.
  • Use public transportation or walk. We will provide you with a free ticket for public transport in Vienna for the days of the conference.
  • If possible, use online registration and/or digital materials instead of paper copies and handouts.
  • Use your own writing utensils.
  • Return your name badges at the information desk after the event.
Thank you for your support!