Title frame (page head)

The top (first) text frame in MuseScore is encoded as pgHead. Text elements are placed and size according to their type:

  • Title: top-center, size x-large
  • Subtitle: top-center, size large
  • Composer: bottom-right, size normal
  • Poet (lyricist): bottom-left, size normal
  • Instrument excerpt: top-left, size normal

The pgHead is organized in <rend> elements (up to 9) representing positions aligned with @halign and @valign. Each text element is encoded in its own <rend> with the desired @fontsize. The type of the text element is encoded in @type. For example:

   <rend halign="center" valign="top">
      <rend type="title" fontsize="x-large">Ach Gott und Herr</rend>

Text element on multiple lines is supported will be encoded as mixed content and lb.

Relevant tests:

Known limitations:

  • Text formatting (i.e., italic, bold, etc.) within a text element is currently not preserved.