Measure numbering

Measure number in MuseScore are integers automatically incremented. They are encoded in measure@n. When a measure is excluded from the measure count in MuseScore, no @n is provided.

Irregular (e.g., a pickup measure) will be have a measure@metcon="false".

MuseScore also has the option of adding a number to the measure count. The value is taken into account when writing and reading measure@n.

For end barlines with a repetition, the number of sounding repetitions given in MuseScore is encoded as @type="mscore-repeat-n where n is the value of the repeat parameter in MuseScore.

Relevant tests:

Known limitations:

  • The MuseScore barline type Reverse final does not exist in MEI, it is exported as double dbl barline.
  • Measure numbers with text (e.g., 3a) are represented by text elements in MuseScore and are currently not exported.