Tuplets and beaming

Tuplets are encoding with tuplet elements with corresponding @num and @numbase. Bracket and number styles and tuplet placement are encoded in @num.place, @num.visible, @num.format, @bracket.place, @bracket.visible.

Beams automatically calculated in MuseScore are exported as beam elements. However, these are not reimported as such. During the import, beam are ignored and beaming is performed by the MuseScore beaming algorithm.

Beam modes in MuseScore (e.g., forcing the start of a new beam, or joining beams) are exported as @type attributes as follow:

  • Beam start as beam@type="mscore-begin"
  • Beam middle (joining of a beams) as note|rest|chord@type="mscore-beam-mid"
  • No beam as note|rest|chord@type="mscore-beam-none"
  • 16th sub beam as note|rest|chord@type="mscore-beam-begin16"
  • 32nd sub beam as note|rest|chord@type="mscore-beam-begin32"

Relevant tests:

Known limitations:

  • Nested tuplets (tuplet within tuplet) are not supported.
  • Feathered beams are not supported.