Notes and rests

Supported chord, note and rest durations range from long to 512th. Chords with different note durations are not supported.

Stem direction are encoded in @stem.dir. When the stem direction is set for notes within a beam, then all notes have a @stem.dir. (This could eventually be changed to beam@place if it is added to MEI-Basic.)

Stemless notes are encoded with @stem.len="0". (This could eventually be changed to @stem.visible if it is added to MEI-Basic.)

Cross-staff notation is encoded with @staff and the appropriate staff number value. It is supported for chord, note and rest. The staff displacement is constrained to one staff above or below since it seems there is not reason to allow for more than that.

Relevant tests:

Known limitations:

  • Enclosing accidentals are not supported (not available in MEI-Basic).
  • Triple flats / sharp are not preserved in the import.
  • Cross-staff for chords with only some one or some of the notes on the staff above or the staff below is not supported since this can only be achieved with a workaround in MuseScore .