Endings and repeat signs (jumps such as D.S. or D.C.)

Voltas are encoded with ending elements. The text of the volta is encoded in @label. Open voltas will have a @lendsym="none". The styling of the line is encoded in @lform with dashed and dotted possible values.

Sound processing parameters of the voltas are encoded with @type, with the repeat list encoded with one attribute value for each entry in the list. Namely mscore-repeat-1 mscore-repeat-3 for a list value 1,3 in MusesScore.

Jump and marker elements are encoded with repeatMark. The @func stores the type for Marker (coda, segno and fine) and Jump (dalsegno and dacapo).

An additional @type attribute is used to encoded the specific MuseScore type. For example:

  • repeatMark@type="mscore-marker-varied-coda for the MuseScore coda variation.
  • repeatMark@type="mscore-jump-dc-al-double-coda for the MuseScore jump D.C. al Double Coda.

Relevant tests:

Known limitations:

  • For Jump, values for jumpTo, playUntil and continueAt are not exported and default values are assume during import. Similarly, the default value for label is used for Marker during import.
  • Import uses default values for the text content for both Jump and Marker.