1. Introduction to MEI Edit this section


This Chapter of the MEI Guidelines is based on the older MEI v3 release. It may contradict the current state of the MEI specifications as documented in the Elements, Attribute Classes, Model Classes, Data Types and Macro Groups sections. The Community is currently working to update these Guidelines. Of course, help is greatly appreciated. In case you would like to contribute, please reach out to us.

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1.1. About these Guidelines Edit this section

This chapter is supposed to introduce the purpose and use of these Guidelines. It will also hold a list of all authors.

1.2. Basic Concepts of MEI Edit this section

This chapter is intended to explain basic concepts of MEI, like events vs. controlevents.

1.3. Sample Encodings and Tools for MEI Edit this section

This chapter will explain where interested users can find sample encodings, common tools and workflows etc. It is intended as gentle start into the MEI ecosystem.