The MEI Board has agreed to propose some changes to the MEI By-laws. Focal changes are the explicit accomodation of any type of music notation, not only Western, in section 2 (“Purpose”), the clarification of Personal and Institutional membership in section 3 (“Membership”), and the explicit integration of appointed offices of the Board and a fine-tuning of the election procedure. Other changes concern minor corrections to wording.

Options to view the proposed changes include:

1) a compiled overview of the changes in a GoogleDoc (

2) a “diff” in the dedicated Pull Request on Github (

According to the By-Laws, any proposed amendments must be approved by the MEI community, following this procedure:

“Changes to these by-laws become proposed amendments with a simple majority of the complete Board membership. Proposed amendments will be published on the MEI mailing list (MEI-L) and the MEI website. After a minimum 10-day comment period, the Board will discuss comments on the proposed amendments received from the MEI membership and incorporate changes agreed to by a simple majority of the Board. The agreed upon version of the amended by-laws will be presented to the MEI membership for voting over a minimum 7-day period. The amended version of the by-laws must pass with a two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes in order to become effective.”

The Board invites you to provide any additional comments you have to the GoogleDoc or the Pull Request above.

Any comments before July 5th (23:59:59, UTC-11: will be considered for final discussion within the Board. The agreed upon version of the amended By-laws will be put to vote over a minimum 7-day period before MEC2021. The voting results will be presented during the Community Meeting at MEC2021.