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Metadata editor and repository for MEI data

The Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data (MerMEId) provides tools for editing comprehensive metadata in MEI files. It is conceived for the compilation of catalogs and thematic indexes of works, but may also complement other music editing software in adding metadata to existing MEI files or serve as a database for editors of critical editions. Apart from basic metadata, such as titles and persons involved, the MerMEId editor records information such as detailed source descriptions, lists of performances and reviews, bibliography, notes on composition history as well as structural information including movements, instrumentation, incipits, key, tempo and meter.

The MerMEId software is installed on a web server and is operated client-side using a standard web browser capable of handling XHTML and Javascript. Originally developed by the Danish Centre for Music Editing (DCM), it is now maintained and enhanced by the MerMEId community.