Contains a single MEI-conformant document, consisting of an MEI header and a musical text, either in isolation or as part of an meiCorpus element.
Module MEI.shared
@meiversion(optional)Specifies a generic MEI version label. Allowed values are: "3.0.0" (This version of MEI.)att.meiversion
@xml:id(optional)Regularizes the naming of an element and thus facilitates building links between it and other resources. Each id attribute within a document must have a unique value. Value of datatype ID. att.id
Member of
Contained by
May contain
<memberOf key="att.meiversion"/>
<memberOf key="att.id"/>
<rng:ref name="meiHead" />
<rng:ref name="music" />

The mei element defines an instance of a document encoded with the MEI schema. It is the document element for a single document containing a header and data. The name of this element should not be changed by any customization in order to assure an absolute minimum level of MEI compliance.

The values in @staff must correspond to @n attribute of a staffDef element.
<sch:rule context="mei:*[@staff]">
<sch:assert test="every $i in tokenize(@staff, '\s+') satisfies $i=//mei:staffDef/@n">The values in @staff must correspond to @n attribute of a staffDef element.</sch:assert>