Visual domain attributes for scoreDef in the mensural repertoire.
Module MEI.mensural
@mensur.color(optional)Records the color of the mensuration sign. Do not confuse this with the musical term 'color' as used in pre-CMN notation. Value conforms to data.COLOR. att.mensural.vis
@mensur.form(optional)Indicates whether the base symbol is written vertically or horizontally. Allowed values are: "horizontal" , "vertical" att.mensural.vis
@mensur.loc(optional)Holds the staff location of the mensuration sign. Value conforms to data.STAFFLOC. att.mensural.vis
@mensur.orient(optional)Describes the rotation or reflection of the base symbol. Value conforms to data.ORIENTATION. att.mensural.vis
@mensur.size(optional)Describes the relative size of the mensuration sign. Value conforms to data.SIZE. att.mensural.vis
<memberOf key="att.mensural.vis"/>