Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
@beam.color(optional)Color of beams, including those associated with tuplets. Value conforms to data.COLOR. att.beaming.vis
@beam.rend(optional)Encodes whether a beam is "feathered" and in which direction. Allowed values are: "acc" (Beam lines grow farther apart from left to right.), "rit" (Beam lines grow closer together from left to right.), "norm" (Beam lines are equally-spaced over the entire length of the beam.)att.beaming.vis
@beam.slope(optional)Captures beam slope. Value of datatype decimal. att.beaming.vis whether to display guitar chord grids. Value conforms to data.BOOLEAN. att.scoreDef.vis.cmn whether piano pedal marks should be rendered as lines or as terms. Allowed values are: "line" (Continuous line with start and end positions rendered by vertical bars and bounces shown by upward-pointing "blips".), "pedstar" (Pedal down and half pedal rendered with "Ped.", pedal up rendered by "*", pedal "bounce" rendered with "* Ped.".), "altpedstar" (Pedal up and down indications same as with "pedstar", but bounce is rendered with "Ped." only.)att.pianopedals
@reh.enclose(optional)Describes the enclosing shape for rehearsal marks. Allowed values are: "box" (Enclosed by box.), "circle" (Enclosed by circle.), "none" (No enclosing shape.)att.rehearsal
@slur.lform(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEFORM. att.slurrend
@slur.lwidth(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEWIDTH. att.slurrend
@tie.lform(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEFORM. att.tierend
@tie.lwidth(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEWIDTH. att.tierend
<memberOf key="att.beaming.vis"/>
<memberOf key="att.pianopedals"/>
<memberOf key="att.rehearsal"/>
<memberOf key="att.slurrend"/>
<memberOf key="att.tierend"/>
<attDef ident="" usage="opt">
<desc>Determines whether to display guitar chord grids.</desc>
<datatype maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="1">
<rng:ref name="data.BOOLEAN" />