Logical domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
mSpace (direct member of att.mSpace.log)
@dots(optional)Records the number of augmentation dots required by a dotted duration. Value conforms to data.AUGMENTDOT. att.augmentdots
@dur(optional)Records the duration of a feature using the relative durational values provided by the data.DURATION datatype. Value conforms to data.DURATION. att.duration.musical
@fermata(optional)Indicates the attachment of a fermata to this element. If visual information about the fermata needs to be recorded, then a <fermata> element should be employed instead. Value conforms to data.PLACE. att.fermatapresent
@layer(optional)Identifies the layer to which a feature applies. One or more values of datatype positiveInteger, separated by spaces. att.layerident
@staff(optional)Signifies the staff on which a notated event occurs or to which a control event applies. Mandatory when applicable. One or more values of datatype positiveInteger, separated by spaces. att.staffident
@tstamp(optional)Encodes the onset time in terms of musical time, i.e., beats[.fractional_beat_part]. Value conforms to data.BEAT. att.timestamp.musical
@tstamp.ges(optional)Captures performed onset time in several forms; that is, ppq (MIDI clicks and MusicXML 'divisions'), Humdrum **recip values, beats, seconds, or mensural duration values. Value conforms to data.DURATION.gestural. att.timestamp.performed
@tstamp.real(optional)Used to record the onset time in terms of ISO time. Value conforms to data.ISOTIME. att.timestamp.performed
<memberOf key="att.augmentdots"/>
<memberOf key="att.event"/>
<memberOf key="att.duration.musical"/>
<memberOf key="att.fermatapresent"/>