The MEI Community is pleased to announce the first draft version of MEI Basic, a simplified profile of MEI intended to support data interchange both within MEI and with other encoding formats.

MEI Basic has been discussed at several occasions over the past three years. It intends to simplify MEI so that every feature can only be expressed in one specific way, and also removes all editorial or analytical possibilities, as well as the integration of facsimiles and recordings. What is left is a small core of MEI’s features, that falls in the range of other encoding formats and thus allows an easier transformation.

There are still aspects that need discussion, including the question of how much metadata should be allowed or required by MEI Basic.

The development of MEI Basic happens at a separate branch of the MEI repository at

Everyone from the MEI Community and beyond is invited to have a look at the current state of the customization, the derived RelaxNG schema, a sample encoding, and participate in the discussions necessary to finalize MEI Basic.