Form of the stem attached to the note.
Used by
These class-based attributes use data.STEMFORM.mensural
att.stems.mensural/@stem.formRecords the form of the stem.
att.stem.vis/@formEncodes the form of the stem using the values provided by the data.STEMFORM.mensural datatype.
Allowed Values
circleStem has a circular form.
obliqueStem has an oblique form.
swallowtailStem has a swallowtail form.
virgulaStem has a virgula-like form.
<macroSpec ident="data.STEMFORM.mensural" module="MEI.mensural" type="dt">
<desc xml:lang="en">Form of the stem attached to the note.</desc>
<valList type="closed">
<valItem ident="circle">
<desc xml:lang="en">Stem has a circular form.</desc>
<valItem ident="oblique">
<desc xml:lang="en">Stem has an oblique form.</desc>
<valItem ident="swallowtail">
<desc xml:lang="en">Stem has a swallowtail form.</desc>
<valItem ident="virgula">
<desc xml:lang="en">Stem has a virgula-like form.</desc>