Font size expressions.
Used by
These class-based attributes use data.FONTSIZE
att.lyricStyle/@lyric.sizeSets the default font size value for lyrics.
att.notationStyle/@music.sizeSets the default music font size.
att.textStyle/@text.sizeProvides a default value for the font size of text (other than lyrics) when this information is not provided on the individual elements.
att.typography/@fontsizeIndicates the size of a font expressed in printers' points, i.e., 1/72nd of an inch, relative terms, e.g., small, larger, etc., or percentage values relative to normal size, e.g., 125%.
att.mensural.vis/@mensur.sizeDescribes the relative size of the mensuration sign.
<macroSpec ident="data.FONTSIZE" module="MEI" type="dt">
<desc xml:lang="en">Font size expressions.</desc>
<rng:ref name="data.FONTSIZENUMERIC"/>
<rng:ref name="data.FONTSIZETERM"/>
<rng:ref name="data.PERCENT"/>