A count of measures plus a beat location, i.e., [0-9]+m *\+ *[0-9]+(\.?[0-9]*)?. The measure count is the number of barlines crossed by the event, while the beat location is a timestamp expressed as a beat with an optional fractional part. For example, "1m+3.5" indicates a point in the next measure on the second half of beat 3. The measure number must be in the range of 0 to the number of remaining measures, while the beat number must be in the range from 0 to the numerator of the time signature plus 1. For example, in 6/8 the beat number must be within the range from 0 (the left barline) to 7 (the right barline). A value with a measure number of "0", such as "0m+2", indicates a point within the current measure.
Module MEI
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<rng:param name="pattern">