Visual domain attributes for staffDef in the CMN repertoire.
Module MEI.cmn
@beam.color(optional)Color of beams, including those associated with tuplets. Value conforms to data.COLOR. att.beaming.vis
@beam.rend(optional)Encodes whether a beam is "feathered" and in which direction. Allowed values are: "acc" (Beam lines grow farther apart from left to right.), "rit" (Beam lines grow closer together from left to right.), "norm" (Beam lines are equally-spaced over the entire length of the beam.)att.beaming.vis
@beam.slope(optional)Captures beam slope. Value of datatype decimal. att.beaming.vis whether piano pedal marks should be rendered as lines or as terms. Allowed values are: "line" (Continuous line with start and end positions rendered by vertical bars and bounces shown by upward-pointing "blips".), "pedstar" (Pedal down and half pedal rendered with "Ped.", pedal up rendered by "*", pedal "bounce" rendered with "* Ped.".), "altpedstar" (Pedal up and down indications same as with "pedstar", but bounce is rendered with "Ped." only.)att.pianopedals
@reh.enclose(optional)Describes the enclosing shape for rehearsal marks. Allowed values are: "box" (Enclosed by box.), "circle" (Enclosed by circle.), "none" (No enclosing shape.)att.rehearsal
@slur.lform(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEFORM. att.slurrend
@slur.lwidth(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEWIDTH. att.slurrend
@tie.lform(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEFORM. att.tierend
@tie.lwidth(optional) Value conforms to data.LINEWIDTH. att.tierend
<memberOf key="att.beaming.vis"/>
<memberOf key="att.pianopedals"/>
<memberOf key="att.rehearsal"/>
<memberOf key="att.slurrend"/>
<memberOf key="att.tierend"/>