Gestural domain attributes for staffDef in the CMN repertoire.
Module MEI.shared
staffDef (direct member of att.staffDef.ges)
@instr(optional)Provides a way of pointing to a MIDI instrument definition. It must contain the ID of an <instrDef> element elsewhere in the document. Value conforms to data.URI. att.instrumentident
@ppq(optional)Indicates the number of pulses (sometimes referred to as ticks or divisions) per quarter note. Unlike MIDI, MEI permits different values for a score and individual staves. Value of datatype positiveInteger. att.timebase
@tab.strings(optional)Provides a *written* pitch and octave for each open string or course of strings. One or more values conforming to the pattern "[a-g][0-9](s|f|ss|x|ff|xs|sx|ts|tf|n|nf|ns|su|sd|fu|fd|nu|nd|1qf|3qf|1qs|3qs)?([a-g][0-9](s|f|ss|x|ff|xs|sx|ts|tf|n|nf|ns|su|sd|fu|fd|nu|nd|1qf|3qf|1qs|3qs)?)*". att.staffDef.ges.tablature
<memberOf key="att.instrumentident"/>
<memberOf key="att.timebase"/>
<memberOf key="att.staffDef.ges.tablature"/>