Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
@bezier(optional)Records the placement of Bezier control points as a series of pairs of space-separated values; e.g., 19 45 -32 118. One or more values, each consisting of a sequence of decimal and decimal sub-values. att.curvature
@bulge(optional)Describes a curve as one or more pairs of values with respect to an imaginary line connecting the starting and ending points of the curve. The first value captures a distance to the left (positive value) or right (negative value) of the line, expressed in virtual units. The second value of each pair represents a point along the line, expressed as a percentage of the line's length. N.B. An MEI virtual unit (VU) is half the distance between adjacent staff lines. One or more of decimal. att.curvature
@curvedir(optional)Describes a curve with a generic term indicating the direction of curvature. Allowed values are: "above" (Upward curve.), "below" (Downward curve.), "mixed" (A "meandering" curve, both above and below the items it pertains to.)att.curvature
@lform(optional)Describes the line style of a curve. Value conforms to data.LINEFORM. att.curverend
@lwidth(optional)Width of a curved line. Value conforms to data.LINEWIDTH. att.curverend
<memberOf key="att.curvature"/>
<memberOf key="att.curverend"/>