Logical domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
@beam(optional)Indicates that this event is "under a beam". One or more values from data.BEAM, separated by spaces. att.beamed
@lv(optional)Indicates the attachment of an l.v. (laissez vibrer) sign to this element. Value conforms to data.BOOLEAN. att.lvpresent
@ornam(optional)Indicates that this element has an attached ornament. If visual information about the ornament is needed, then one of the elements that represents an ornament (mordent, trill, or turn) should be employed. One or more values from data.ORNAM.cmn, separated by spaces. att.ornam
<memberOf key="att.beamed"/>
<memberOf key="att.lvpresent"/>
<memberOf key="att.ornam"/>