Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
measure (direct member of att.measure.vis)
@barplace(optional)Records the location of a bar line. Value conforms to data.BARPLACE. att.barplacement
@taktplace(optional)If takt bar lines are to be used, then the taktplace attribute may be used to denote the staff location of the shortened bar line. The location may include staff lines, spaces, and the spaces directly above and below the staff. The value ranges between 0 (just below the staff) to 2 * number of staff lines (directly above the staff). For example, on a 5-line staff the lines would be numbered 1,3,5,7, and 9 while the spaces would be numbered 0,2,4,6,8,10. For example, a value of '9' puts the bar line through the top line of a 5-line staff. Value conforms to data.STAFFLOC. att.barplacement
@unit(optional)Indicates the unit of measurement. Allowed values are: "byte" (Byte.), "char" (Character.), "cm" (Centimeter.), "in" (Inch.), "issue" (Serial issue.), "mm" (Millimeter.), "page" (Page.), "pc" (Pica.), "pt" (Point.), "px" (Pixel.), "record" (Record.), "vol" (Serial volume.), "vu" (MEI virtual unit.)att.measurement
@width(optional)Measurement of the horizontal dimension of an entity. Value conforms to data.MEASUREMENTABS. att.width
<memberOf key="att.barplacement"/>
<memberOf key="att.measurement"/>
<memberOf key="att.width"/>