Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.neumes
ineume (direct member of att.ineume.vis)
@altsym(optional)Provides a way of pointing to a user-defined symbol. It must contain an ID of a <symbolDef> element elsewhere in the document. Value conforms to data.URI. att.altsym
@color(optional)Used to indicate visual appearance. Do not confuse this with the musical term 'color' as used in pre-CMN notation. Value conforms to data.COLOR. att.color
@fontfam(optional)Contains the name of a font-family. Value conforms to data.FONTFAMILY. att.typography
@fontname(optional)Holds the name of a font. Value conforms to data.FONTNAME. att.typography
@fontsize(optional)Indicates the size of a font expressed in printers' points, i.e., 1/72nd of an inch, relative terms, e.g., "small", "larger", etc., or percentage values relative to "normal" size, e.g., "125%". Value conforms to data.FONTSIZE. att.typography
@fontstyle(optional)Records the style of a font, i.e, italic, oblique, or normal. Value conforms to data.FONTSTYLE. att.typography
@fontweight(optional)Used to indicate bold type. Value conforms to data.FONTWEIGHT. att.typography
@glyphname(optional)Glyph name. Value of datatype string. att.extsym
@glyphnum(optional)Numeric glyph reference in hexadecimal notation, e.g. "#xE000" or "U+E000". N.B. SMuFL version 1.18 uses the range U+E000 - U+ECBF. Value of datatype a string matching the following regular expression: "(#x|U\+)[A-F0-9]+" . att.extsym
@loc(optional)Holds the staff location of the feature. Value conforms to data.STAFFLOC. att.staffloc
<memberOf key="att.altsym"/>
<memberOf key="att.color"/>
<memberOf key="att.extsym"/>
<memberOf key="att.staffloc"/>
<memberOf key="att.typography"/>