Gestural domain attributes.
Module MEI.shared
chord (direct member of att.chord.ges)
@artic.ges(optional)Records performed articulation that differs from the written value. One or more values from data.ARTICULATION, separated by spaces. att.articulation.performed
@dur.ges(optional)Records performed duration information that differs from the written duration. Its value may be expressed in several forms; that is, ppq (MIDI clicks and MusicXML 'divisions'), Humdrum **recip values, beats, seconds, or mensural duration values. Value conforms to data.DURATION.gestural. att.duration.performed
@grace(optional)Marks a note or chord as a "grace" (without a definitive written duration) and records from which other note/chord it should "steal" time. Value conforms to data.GRACE. att.graced
@grace.time(optional)Records the amount of time to be "stolen" from a non-grace note/chord. Value conforms to data.PERCENT. att.graced
@instr(optional)Provides a way of pointing to a MIDI instrument definition. It must contain the ID of an <instrDef> element elsewhere in the document. Value conforms to data.URI. att.instrumentident
<memberOf key="att.articulation.performed"/>
<memberOf key="att.duration.performed"/>
<memberOf key="att.instrumentident"/>
<memberOf key="att.chord.ges.cmn"/>