Positive decimal number plus '%', i.e., [0-9]+(\.[0-9]*)?%.
Used by
These class-based attributes use data.PERCENT
att.graced/@grace.timeRecords the amount of time to be "stolen" from a non-grace note/chord.
att.curvature/@bulgeDescribes a curve as one or more pairs of values with respect to an imaginary line connecting the starting and ending points of the curve. The first value captures a distance to the left (positive value) or right (negative value) of the line, expressed in virtual units. The second value of each pair represents a point along the line, expressed as a percentage of the line’s length. N.B. An MEI virtual unit (vu) is half the distance between adjacent staff lines where the interline space is measured from the middle of a staff line.
att.scalable/@scaleScale factor to be applied to the feature to make it the desired display size.
att.typography/@lineheightIndicates line height in analogy to the CSS line-height property.
These other Data Types reference data.PERCENT
data.FONTSIZEFont size expressions.
data.PGSCALEPage scale factor; a percentage of the values in page.height and page.width.
<macroSpec ident="data.PERCENT" module="MEI" type="dt">
<desc xml:lang="en">Positive decimal number plus '%',
, [0-9]+(\.[0-9]*)?%.</desc>
<rng:data type="token">
<rng:param name="pattern">[0-9]+(\.[0-9]*)?%</rng:param>