Datatypes for values in begin, end, abstype and inttype attributes.
Used by
These local attributes use data.BETYPE
whenIndicates a point in time either absolutely (using the absolute attribute), or relative to another when element (using the since, interval and inttype attributes).
abstypeSpecifies the kind of values used in the absolute attribute.
inttypeSpecifies the kind of values used in the interval attribute.
These class-based attributes use data.BETYPE
att.mediaBounds/@betypeType of values used in the begin/end attributes. The begin and end attributes can only be interpreted meaningfully in conjunction with this attribute.
Allowed Values
smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language.
midiMIDI clicks.
mmcMIDI machine code.
mtcMIDI time code.
smpte-25SMPTE 25 EBU.
smpte-24SMPTE 24 Film Sync.
smpte-df30SMPTE 30 Drop.
smpte-ndf30SMPTE 30 Non-Drop.
smpte-df29.97SMPTE 29.97 Drop.
smpte-ndf29.97SMPTE 29.97 Non-Drop.
tcfAES Time-code character format.
timeISO 24-hour time format:
<macroSpec ident="data.BETYPE" module="MEI.shared" type="dt">
<desc xml:lang="en">Datatypes for values in begin, end, abstype and inttype attributes.</desc>
<valList type="closed">
<valItem ident="byte">
<desc xml:lang="en">Bytes.</desc>
<valItem ident="smil">
<desc xml:lang="en">Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.</desc>
<valItem ident="midi">
<desc xml:lang="en">MIDI clicks.</desc>
<valItem ident="mmc">
<desc xml:lang="en">MIDI machine code.</desc>
<valItem ident="mtc">
<desc xml:lang="en">MIDI time code.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-25">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 25 EBU.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-24">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 24 Film Sync.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-df30">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 30 Drop.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-ndf30">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 30 Non-Drop.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-df29.97">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 29.97 Drop.</desc>
<valItem ident="smpte-ndf29.97">
<desc xml:lang="en">SMPTE 29.97 Non-Drop.</desc>
<valItem ident="tcf">
<desc xml:lang="en">AES Time-code character format.</desc>
<valItem ident="time">
<desc xml:lang="en">ISO 24-hour time format:</desc>