Renderings of bar lines. Some values correspond to the Western Musical Symbols portion of the Unicode Standard.
Used by
These class-based attributes use data.BARRENDITION
att.measure.log/@leftIndicates the visual rendition of the left bar line. It is present here only for facilitation of translation from legacy encodings which use it. Usually, it can be safely ignored.
att.measure.log/@rightIndicates the function of the right bar line and is structurally important.
att.barLine.log/@formRecords the appearance and usually the function of the bar line.
Allowed Values
dashedDashed line (SMuFL E036 and Unicode 1D104).
dottedDotted line (SMuFL E037).
dblDouble bar line (SMuFL E031 and Unicode 1D101).
dbldashedDouble dashed line.
dbldottedDouble dotted line.
dblheavyHeavy double bar line (SMuFL E035).
dblsegnoSegno serpent with vertical lines (SMuFL E04B).
endEnd bar line (SMuFL E032 and Unicode 1D102).
heavyHeavy bar line (SMuFL E034).
invisBar line not rendered.
rptstartRepeat start (SMuFL E040 and Unicode 1D106).
rptbothRepeat start and end (SMuFL E042).
rptendRepeat end (SMuFL E041 and Unicode 1D107).
segnoSegno serpent.
singleSingle bar line (SMuFL E030 and Unicode 1D100).
<macroSpec ident="data.BARRENDITION" module="MEI" type="dt">
<desc xml:lang="en">Renderings of bar lines. Some values correspond to the Western Musical Symbols portion of the Unicode Standard.</desc>
<valList type="closed">
<valItem ident="dashed">
<desc xml:lang="en">Dashed line (SMuFL E036 and Unicode 1D104).</desc>
<valItem ident="dotted">
<desc xml:lang="en">Dotted line (SMuFL E037).</desc>
<valItem ident="dbl">
<desc xml:lang="en">Double bar line (SMuFL E031 and Unicode 1D101).</desc>
<valItem ident="dbldashed">
<desc xml:lang="en">Double dashed line.</desc>
<valItem ident="dbldotted">
<desc xml:lang="en">Double dotted line.</desc>
<valItem ident="dblheavy">
<desc xml:lang="en">Heavy double bar line (SMuFL E035).</desc>
<valItem ident="dblsegno">
<desc xml:lang="en">Segno serpent with vertical lines (SMuFL E04B).</desc>
<valItem ident="end">
<desc xml:lang="en">End bar line (SMuFL E032 and Unicode 1D102).</desc>
<valItem ident="heavy">
<desc xml:lang="en">Heavy bar line (SMuFL E034).</desc>
<valItem ident="invis">
<desc xml:lang="en">Bar line not rendered.</desc>
<valItem ident="rptstart">
<desc xml:lang="en">Repeat start (SMuFL E040 and Unicode 1D106).</desc>
<valItem ident="rptboth">
<desc xml:lang="en">Repeat start and end (SMuFL E042).</desc>
<valItem ident="rptend">
<desc xml:lang="en">Repeat end (SMuFL E041 and Unicode 1D107).</desc>
<valItem ident="segno">
<desc xml:lang="en">Segno serpent.</desc>
<valItem ident="single">
<desc xml:lang="en">Single bar line (SMuFL E030 and Unicode 1D100).</desc>