att.lyrics.vis Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.lyrics
lyrics (direct member of att.lyrics.vis)
@fontfam (optional) Contains the name of a font-family. Value conforms to data.FONTFAMILY . att.typography
@fontname (optional) Holds the name of a font. Value conforms to data.FONTNAME . att.typography
@fontsize (optional) Indicates the size of a font expressed in printers' points, i.e., 1/72nd of an inch, relative terms, e.g., "small", "larger", etc., or percentage values relative to "normal" size, e.g., "125%". Value conforms to data.FONTSIZE . att.typography
@fontstyle (optional) Records the style of a font, i.e, italic, oblique, or normal. Value conforms to data.FONTSTYLE . att.typography
@fontweight (optional) Used to indicate bold type. Value conforms to data.FONTWEIGHT . att.typography
@place (optional) Captures the placement of the item with respect to the staff with which it is associated. Value conforms to data.STAFFREL . att.placement
<memberOf key= " att.placement" />
<memberOf key= " att.typography" />

MEI Guidelines Version 3.0.0

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