att.beam.vis Visual domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmn
beam (direct member of att.beam.vis)
@color (optional) Used to indicate visual appearance. Do not confuse this with the musical term 'color' as used in pre-CMN notation. Value conforms to data.COLOR . att.color
@form (optional) Captures whether a beam is "feathered" and in which direction. Allowed values are: " acc" ((accelerando) indicates that the secondary beams get progressively closer together toward the end of the beam.) , " mixed" ((mixed acc and rit) for beams that are "feathered" in both directions.), " rit" ((ritardando) means that the secondary beams become progressively more distant toward the end of the beam.) , " norm" ((normal) indicates that the secondary beams are equidistant along the course of the beam.) att.beamrend
@slope (optional) Records the slope of the beam. Value of datatype decimal. att.beamrend
<memberOf key= " att.color" />
<memberOf key= " att.beamrend" />

MEI Guidelines Version 3.0.0

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