att.artic.log Logical domain attributes.
Module MEI.shared
artic (direct member of att.artic.log)
@artic (optional) Encodes the written articulation(s). Articulations are normally encoded in order from the note head outward; that is, away from the stem. See additional notes at att.vis.note. Only articulations should be encoded in the artic attribute; for example, fingerings should be encoded using the <fingering> element. One or more values from data.ARTICULATION , separated by spaces. att.articulation
@evaluate (optional) Specifies the intended meaning when a participant in a relationship is itself a pointer. Allowed values are: " all" (If an element pointed to is itself a pointer, then the target of that pointer will be taken, and so on, until an element is found which is not a pointer.) , " one" (If an element pointed to is itself a pointer, then its target (whether a pointer or not) is taken as the target of this pointer.) , " none" (No further evaluation of targets is carried out beyond that needed to find the element(s) specified in plist or target attribute.) att.targeteval
@layer (optional) Identifies the layer to which a feature applies. One or more values of datatype positiveInteger, separated by spaces. att.layerident
@plist (optional) Contains a space separated list of references that identify active participants in a collection/relationship, such as notes under a phrase mark; that is, the entities pointed "from". One or more values from data.URI , separated by spaces. att.plist
@staff (optional) Signifies the staff on which a notated event occurs or to which a control event applies. Mandatory when applicable. One or more values of datatype positiveInteger, separated by spaces. att.staffident
@tstamp (optional) Encodes the onset time in terms of musical time, i.e., beats[.fractional_beat_part]. Value conforms to data.BEAT . att.timestamp.musical
@tstamp.ges (optional) Captures performed onset time in several forms; that is, ppq (MIDI clicks and MusicXML 'divisions'), Humdrum **recip values, beats, seconds, or mensural duration values. Value conforms to data.DURATION.gestural . att.timestamp.performed
@tstamp.real (optional) Used to record the onset time in terms of ISO time. Value conforms to data.ISOTIME . att.timestamp.performed
<memberOf key= " att.articulation" />
<memberOf key= " att.controlevent" />

MEI Guidelines Version 3.0.0

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