<term> Keyword or phrase which describes a resource.
Module MEI.header
classcode contains a reference to the controlled vocabulary from which the term is drawn. The value must match the value of an ID attribute on a classCode element given elsewhere in the document.
Status Optional
Datatype data.URI
Contained by
MEI.header: term termList
May contain
MEI.edittrans: abbr expan
MEI.figtable: fig
MEI.header: term
MEI.ptrref: ptr ref
element term
   attribute [http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0]classcode { data.URI }?,
   ( text | term | model.textphraseLike.limited )*

The classcode attribute may be used to link the term to a terminological source given in a classCode element. The term element may include other term elements in order to allow the creation of coordinated terms; i.e., terms created from a combination of other, independent terms.


This element is modelled on an element in the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) standard.

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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