<mei> Contains a single MEI-conformant document, consisting of an MEI header and a musical text, either in isolation or as part of an meiCorpus element.
Module MEI.shared
Contained by
MEI.corpus: meiCorpus
May contain
MEI.header: meiHead
MEI.shared: music
element mei { att.meiversion.attributes, att.id.attributes, meiHead, music }

<sch:ns prefix="meiuri="http://www.music-encoding.org/ns/mei"/>

<sch:rule context="mei:*[@staff]">

<sch:assert test="every $i in tokenize(@staff, '\s+') satisfies $i=//mei:staffDef/@n">The values in @staff must correspond to @n attribute of a
staffDef element.</sch:assert>

The mei element defines an instance of a document encoded with the MEI schema. It is the document element for a single document containing a header and data. The name of this element should not be changed by any customization in order to assure an absolute minimum level of MEI compliance.

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

MEI Elements