att.visualoffset Visual offset attributes. Some items may have their location recorded in terms of offsets from their programmatically-determined location. The ho attribute records the horizontal offset while vo records the vertical. The to attribute holds a timestamp offset, the most common use of which is as an alternative to the ho attribute.
Module MEI.shared
Members att.arpeg.vis [arpeg] att.artic.vis [artic] att.bend.vis [bend] att.breath.vis [breath] att.dir.vis [dir] att.dynam.vis [dynam] att.fermata.vis [fermata] att.gliss.vis [gliss] att.grpSym.vis [grpSym] att.hairpin.vis [hairpin] att.halfmRpt.vis [halfmRpt] att.harm.vis [harm] att.harpPedal.vis [harpPedal] att.mRest.vis [mRest] att.mordent.vis [mordent] att.octave.vis [octave] att.pedal.vis [pedal] att.phrase.vis [phrase] att.reh.vis [reh] [rest] att.slur.vis [slur] att.syl.vis [syl] att.tempo.vis [tempo] att.tie.vis [tie] att.trill.vis [trill] att.turn.vis [turn] anchoredText curve line symbol

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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