att.typed Attributes which can be used to classify or sub-classify features.
Module MEI.shared
Members abbr altId anchoredText annot app application arranger author avFile biblList composer corpName curve damage dir div editor ending eventList expan expansion fw geogName graphic identifier incip ineume label lb lem librettist line list lyricist mdiv measure name orig part parts periodName persName rdg repository restore score section slur styleName symbol tie title uneume zone
type characterizes the element in some sense, using any convenient classification scheme or typology.
Status Optional
Datatype xsd:NMTOKEN
subtype provide any sub-classification for the element, additional to that given by its type attribute.
Status Optional
Datatype xsd:NMTOKEN

<sch:rule context="mei:*[@subtype]">

<sch:assert test="@type">An element with a subtype attribute must have a type

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

Attribute Classes