att.plist Attributes listing the participants in a user-defined collection.
Module MEI.shared
Members att.controlevent [att.accid.log [accid] att.arpeg.log [arpeg] att.artic.log [artic] att.beamSpan.log [beamSpan] att.bend.log [bend] att.breath.log [breath] att.dir.log [dir] [dot] att.dynam.log [dynam] att.fermata.log [fermata] att.gliss.log [gliss] att.hairpin.log [hairpin] att.harm.log [harm] att.harpPedal.log [harpPedal] att.mordent.log [mordent] att.octave.log [octave] att.pedal.log [pedal] att.phrase.log [phrase] att.slur.log [slur] att.tempo.log [tempo] att.tie.log [tie] att.trill.log [trill] att.tupletSpan.log [tupletSpan] att.turn.log [turn] ] annot expansion
plist contains a space separated list of references that identify logical events that participate in a collection, such as notes under a phrase mark.
Status Optional
Datatype data.URIS
evaluate specifies the intended meaning when the target of a pointer is itself a pointer.
Status Optional
Legal values are:
if the element pointed to is itself a pointer, then the target of that pointer will be taken, and so on, until an element is found which is not a pointer.
if the element pointed to is itself a pointer, then its target (whether a pointer or not) is taken as the target of this pointer.
no further evaluation of targets is carried out beyond that needed to find the element specified in the pointer's target.

If no value is given, the application program is responsible for deciding (possibly on the basis of user input) how far to trace a chain of pointers.

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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