att.pedal.vis Visual domain attributes. The place attribute captures the placement of the pedal marking with respect to the staff with which it is associated. Modern publishing standards require the place to be 'below'; however, for transcriptions of manuscript works, this attribute class allows the full range of values.
Module MEI.cmn
Members pedal
style determines whether piano pedal marks should be rendered as lines or as terms.
Status Optional
Legal values are:
continuous line with start and end positions rendered by vertical bars and bounces shown by upward-pointing "blips".
pedal down and half pedal rendered with "Ped.", pedal up rendered by "*", pedal "bounce" rendered with "* Ped.".
pedal up and down indications same as with "pedstar", but bounce is rendered with "Ped." only.

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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